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SFGW ID: 7-02-00  GH-
Doll Name:
SFGW ID: 7-02-00  GH-
Doll Name:
Artist Dolls from Global Dolls
Anne DeMatino, Gwen McNeill, and Ruth Mattingly
Nicole 27"
Jorden 20"
Holly 28"
Candice 23"
Paige 30'
Socket Head: Head cradles in the neck of porcelain or composition body, and Shoulder plate.
Shoulder head: head and shoulder are one complete part; usually attaches to a cloth, vinyl, leather or rare wood body
Modern Body Jointed=MB-JALT, Modern Body=MB-ALT, Baby Body=BB-ALT, Toddler Body=TB-ALT, Cloth Body=CB, French
Body Jointed=FB-JALT, SFBJ(French) Body Jointed=SFBJB-JALT, German Body Ball Jointed=GB-BJALT, A.Marque Body
Jointed=AMB-JALTH=Head or Shoulderhead or A=Arms or Hand, L=Legs, S=Shoulder Plate, T=Torso
Cloth body with porcelain arms=CA     Cloth body with porcelain arms & legs=CAL    Cloth body with porcelain arms, legs & shoulder plate=CALS
NOTE: If not in stock, the soft-fired greenware takes three weeks from pouring to send out; 1 week to pour, 1 week
to dry and 1 week to soft fire. Shipping costs will be adjusted to account for weights that exceed stated shipping
All dolls by modern artists and dolls of color are poured in French Bisque.  Antique reproduction dolls are poured in
Lady White unless specified. Additional colors, of limited availability, can be specified for an additional cost; Aztec
Tan, French Chocolate and Brown Velvet.
Soft-fired greenware Doll Heads can be ordered on this page.  
Follow link below Buy Button for body choices.